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You give your shipping documents to a registered Clearing and Forwarding Agent who will lodge them with the Tanzania Ports Authority and Tanzania Revenue Authority.

Ship information are found on shipping list documents

Customs brokerage is a process that involves the clearing of goods for importers or exporters through various customs barriers. For this reason it’s more commonly known as Customs clearing. Whenever goods have to cross borders, whether over land, sea or air, it has to be cleared by customs. Even before you start loading your goods into a container, you need to get us involved to make the Customs clearing process go as smooth as possible.

Most of the freight we deal with on a daily basis are transported by boat – and for this you will need an original Bill of Lading. It is one of the more vital documents needed for ocean transport. In a way one can say that the Bill of Lading is symbolic of the goods themselves. The reason for this is that the right to claim title to the cargo may in some cases be transferred to another person by way of an endorsement on the Bill of Lading before the goods have even reached their destination. Under normal circumstances a Bill of Lading will be drawn up by the shipping line. They will issue it to the person who contracts them to transport the goods as soon as the cargo has been received and loaded onto the ship.

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