About Us


Mainstream management is strongly supported by our own office and associates partner worldwide

Mainstream employs a team of professionals that follows up and follows through on each and every transaction we manage. With our global service network across 100 countries, we aim to be the most reliable freight forwarding, supply chain, transport and project logistics management company in the market with an inspired, people driven and dedicated approach to serving our valued customers.

02. Mission

To provide comprehensive customer tailored logistic solutions that are not only efficient but also reliable & affordable

Further that to gain extra confidence & trust of our highly valued clients by conducting business with complete honesty and integrity

03. Vision

Tomorrow, see our presence is conspicuous in both the domestic as well as the overseas markets, with international newtork link in premium global locations.

This can be primarily achieved through the following:-

  • Absolute Planned Strategic of Services (APSS)
  • Accurate Defined Mode of Operation (ADMO)
  • Resourceful Credible Network of Partners and Associates.
  • Talented Workforce



The quality of our service stands or falls on the dedication of our people. We understand that we owe our good reputation, unique position in the market and stable client to the professionalism, loyalty, pride of our staff. We expect the same passion and love of industry from the people who wish to work for us. Our business culture is informal. Communication lines are short and we approach challenges pragmatically. We only get the best out of our organization when we let or people get the best out of themselves.